We have all been training and teaching in karate for about 15 years. We are fully DBS checked and First Aid trained.

Personal Profile:


I'm John and I'm the Chief Instructor of Kazoku Karate. I am a 3rd Dan Black Belt and NAKMAS certificated. I first got involved in Martial Arts at the age of 27 when Karate knocked on my door. I started for my son Kieran (who is also now a 3rd Dan Black Belt)  and whilst training along side him I soon became hooked and got the bug. I use to be a couch potato, I didn't do anything apart from working and sitting watching TV putting on weight. It was time for a change and Karate came into my life at the right time. Since I started Karate, which I have now been doing for 15 years, and have never looked back.  I've gained confidence, fitness, self awareness and feeling good about myself and I love helping others progress in their Karate Journey. I have competed in competitions such as regional titles, national titles, world cups and national all styles. I was part of the UK national squad team, which meant we travelled all over the country competing in various amounts of external tournaments.


Hi, I'm Chrissie and the backbone of the family, I am a Black Belt. I started my karate journey 13 years ago and became an Instructor to support my family on their karate journeys. I also work in a school as a Teaching Learning Assistant which includes working with children with Special Needs for the last 14 years. I am DBS Checked and fully First Aid trained. Karate has given me the knowledge that my family have the tools to protect and look after themselves. It has also given me confidence and fitness. It's also given me a network of friends that are now family in my eyes. 


 Hi I am Kieran and I am  also a 3rd Dan Black Belt. I first started karate at the age of 6 years old, under the guidance of my first   instructor Sensei Neil Thomas. I also became hooked on karate and have never looked back. 


I'm Jess and I am 17 years old and I am a 2nd Dan Black Belt. I too started my karate journey 13 years ago and I graded to my Black Belt when I was 11 which was a huge achievement for me. At the moment I am in full-time education studying Psychology and Health and Social Care. Karate has changed my life by giving me the confidence to be a strong independent female. The other thing karate has given me is a social network of friends that I now class as family. 


 Hey I'm Harvey and I have only just started my karate journey. I got an orange belt in another club. I really enjoy training with my family because if I get stuck my big brother and sister, Kieran and Jess will always help me out. I did a tournament and enjoyed it because I got two golden medals, One for kata and One for sparring. I felt really great and I am now a legend. In a karate lesson I enjoy the warm up when we are running around the outside and I like the kicks and Kata. I'm looking forward to wearing a new black uniform, so my mum doesn't moan at me for getting marks on it.